tutor training

Imagine being uprooted from everything you know and moving across the world to a foreign country. You don’t speak the language and your cultural background is vastly different from that of your new neighbors. You may not have anyone to help you make sense of your new surroundings and even the simplest of errands can be daunting and difficult. These are the circumstances for many refugees who come to the United States after years of living in sprawling refugee camps or countries that have become inhospitable even for their own citizens.

One 2 One ESL Tutors helps refugees learn to speak, read and write English, a crucial step to building their new lives and understanding life in America. Our volunteer tutors are matched with adult refugee students in one-on-one learning situations, helping them develop language skills on a consistent schedule that works for each student and teacher.

Our ESL students come from Somalia, Eritrea, Iraq, Burma, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia and other countries whose cultures may not have prepared them for life in Greeley. Each student gains not only a tutor who can help them overcome the language barrier, but a friend who can answer questions about all aspects of life here and aid them in navigating the many challenges they are bound to face.

Students are not the only beneficiaries of our ESL program. Our tutors’ lives have been greatly enriched through their relationships with their students in ways they never imagined. They have found that they have as much to learn from their students as the students learn from them.